A COVID-19 survivors “Thank You” to their doctors and nurses.

So many survivors of the Covid-19 pandemic are looking for a way to say thank you doctor, thank you nurse, for saving the life of my mother, father or other members of my family. Express your thanks, your appreciation, your respect for that doctor or nurse, or both whose devotion to duty saved the life of your loved one. A gift that will last their professional lifetime long after the Covid-19 is history.

Cartoon Print Gifts , offers a way to express your appreciation in a manor that is complementary, lighthearted and long lasting. Each gift is personalized with the name of the doctor or nurse that was involved with your family member’s recovery. The name of their patient and their doctor’s or nurse’s name as well is individually inscribed on the picture.

Please select the appropriate picture and complete the information you wish inscribed. Each picture arrives ready to frame with an envelop to mail to your love one’s doctor or nurse.