My oldest son, then a sophomore in college, was out of town on vacation driving to visit an old high school friend. At the time he was driving on an out of state driver’s license. A white pickup truck, driven by an extremely drunk driver driving at a very high speed ran a red light hitting my son’s car. My son was rushed to the local hospital.

I received a call from a hospital staff member telling us “Your son was injured in an auto accident. He is in intensive care. We don’t think he is going to survive. Please hurry.” My wife, our three younger children and I, quickly drove to the hospital from our home.

Sadly we arrived too late to see our son coherent. In a comatose state we were able to authorize the harvesting of a number of his organs under their organ transplant program. It gave us comfort knowing a part of our son would help members of our community have a full and healthy life.

I wish there had been an emergency contact program in existence at that time it would have expedited our arrival at the hospital.

RKB, Miami, Fla